A Stitch In Time With Contemporary Embroidered Fabrics

If God is in the details, then the embroidered fabrics and wall coverings available from designer collections are making me a believer in these beautiful embroidered fabrics. (Above: Embroidered Fabric and Embroidered Drapery & Canopy from Harbinger L.A., their new showroom, outstanding!)

It seems that the more time we spend on line, the more we crave a hand crafted touch at home. While the greening of America reaches a point of necessity for the environment, we are also experiencing a need for a green and crafty touch for our soul… Enter embroidered home goods that touch the soul.

Each time I pull back the fabric samples while shopping, I feel the need to look and envy the contemporary and tradtional graphic patterns all stitched and embroidered to perfection. Look over these home goods with embroidered fabrics that will knock your socks off with their intricate embroidered details.

Mark Alexander’s collection available through Thomas Lavin is both contemporary and traditional. Sewn on a heavy gauge linen that feels weighty and sure to stand the test of time…

This chair at Mecox Gardens shows how the prototypical spool chair has that something extra that make it oh so custom…

While committing to windows or upholstery is too much for some, try a lamp shade on for size to spark up that special corner…Or a small pillow…

For anyone willing to brave a larger expression of love for the embroidered trade… have a look at Embroidered Wall Coverings. The Crezana line is also rep’d at Thomas Lavin and has some imaginative pieces from simple geomatrics to more complex ikats…

I would be remiss not to mention, Villa Savoia. L.A.’s renowned master embroiderer, Michael Savoia has just relocated to Providence, Rhode Island. He’s still open for business for custom orders. Here’s the early stages of a Savoia embroidered pattern, that one of my clients has in mind for a chair back…


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Clear Thinking…Where To Find Great Lucite Furniture

Where do you find great lucite furniture from high end to catalogue? Terrific  lucite furniture is here to stay. Just by it’s clear nature “acrylic” can add just the right twist, taking your room from traditional to contemporary with one lucite table.  Take a peak at these great pieces. CB2 Catalogue has great parsons tables and side tables at very reasonable prices and they can go from the front entry to an impromptu bar or serving station very easily. Light, chic and easy to move lucite furniture.

Peakaboo tables from CB2. Clear Console $350. Peakaboo Cart $179.


CB2 Peekaboo coffee table $250 works nicely for a small furniture group.

Kartel’s Ghost Chair is terrific at a desk. I recently used one at a photoshoot and it ended up as a desk chair in kids room. The beauty of acrylic or lucite furniture is how light it makes everything feel. Accessories seem to float above. These are available through Kartel and similar versions at Room Service. Their Clear Louis Chair is $175. If you need extra chairs this holiday season. This should fill in nicely and there must be a corner it can rest in once the guests and table have been cleared.


Moving up the scale, Jan Showers “to the trade” collection has a gorgeous Lucite collection including a great bench, bar cart, and coffee table, that are sure to last the ages. This collection is available “to the trade”. Below is her terrific acrylic leg bench that I love.

Also picture below, Hollyhocks Moroccan inspired lucite pieces…

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Learning From Las Vegas

Vegas is synonymous with Crystal Chandeliers so here are some inspirations for some Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers can go from a Las Vegas Hotel….to your home.

An exciting new presentation for a fantasy filled Vegas inspired project has me combing my design library and finding a home for some amazing crystal chandeliers. Here’s some inspiration if you want to lounge up or glam up your space… Traditionalists beware, not for the faint of heart.

The Hudson Chandelier above is breathtaking and may just inspire my client who was wild for the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar…

I see the similarities, do you?

If thats a bit over the top for your home and your looking for a simpler, crystal inspired but over-the-top chandlier, here are a few others to consider…

I love the traditonal and transitional look of this Dining Room and of course, the great chandelier. Room Designed by Tobi Fairley.

Tiny champagne bubble emerge graciously from this Murano crystal chandlier. If only they would float just as effortlessly into my champagne flute.

This Swarovski Crystal Chandelier is both elegant and modern. Like a musical note.

Four times the crystal? Still love the idea of hanging multiples. Swarovski crystals do it again and again and again and again.

If it’s a single piece you desire, Mark Cutler had this amazing single chandelier designed, Capiz shell design. Here’s a simplified version.

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Sexy Outdoor Lighting… Cordless Lamps

Here is how to create a sexy outdoor lounge without electricity with Linda Allen’s collection of battery operated outdoor lighting.

Meet Seraphina… pictured above and available in metals from Silver Moss to Chrome.

Welcome Persia pictured above available in Ivory, Khaki, Mink, Summer Green & Blue.

So, you’ve visited the hot hotel bars with sexy outdoor lounges…

Then, you went home and combed the magazines and recognized that you too can recreate a great outdoor room for your own home….

Finally, you set out to light your space just like the magazine pictured and well… it seemed like a DIY project you could tackle yourself, but alas you need electricity outside and you either need an electrician or miles of extension cords. Now you’re fearful your guests will trip on the cords and potentially bring harm to themselves or your fabulous space!

Precious plans foiled again…. Enter Linda Allen’s Collection of outdoor lamps that require NO electrical, Weather resistant with a rechargeable battery.

Allen actually had to invent the technology to allow the Live.Anywhere lamps to function as stand-alone lights. She redesigned the LED bulb to 7 watts, which emulates the power of a 50-watt bulb. This terrific collection of designer lamps are also rechargeable and waterproof and can reside indoors or outdoors.

Thank you designer Linda Allen… Clever, Stylish & Practical.

Eleanora pictured above… 

Hello, Corra pictured above…Meet my new friend Ava, below.

Here are all the great applications for these beauties…

  • Indoor & Outdoor companion table lamps, events and dinner parties.
  • Unexpected or remote places without electrical outlet availability.
  • Can be placed safely near pools
  • Residential and Commercial Bathrooms
  •  Yacht and Aviation Interiors

They can go anywhere you imagine…. And I am loving these gems.

Added bonus: They are energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

Inquire within, as it’s sold strictly to-the-trade for now….

I’m guessing it may not be long before the concept and knock off”s find their way to the big box retailers but you’ll have to wait if you’re not willing to pony up to the designer price tag.




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Ten Great Coffee Table’s

One of the most coveted furniture items to hunt for in your home is a great coffee table. Although most designer’s prefer to call it a cocktail table. After all, since the advent of Starbucks, do we real enjoy coffee in the LR? Personally, I prefer the latter. Nevertheless, whether you cocktailing or simply want to display a great bowl or even your latest book find on Amazon. Whether the table your hunting for is going to live in the Living Room or Family Room, here is where to find a great coffee table. Depending on the layout, round versus rectangular versus square, there’s some terrific options. Here are ten to consider….

Love this octagonal coffee table above which is terrific new shape with storage below.

Traditional and Modern at the same time makes this table above a winner. Hunter Coffee Table available through Plantation Furniture.

Looking for additional seating. The Egolomise table shown here offers 2 ottomans stored below. A clever solution to seating, especially when space is at a premium. You’ll remember this table just before your next cocktail party.



Antique Mirror on both tables keeps the light bouncing in the room and ads just the right amount of glamour.








This bold Cantilever Coffee Table works with both Traditonal and Modern Furnishings and allows for Maximum book storage. Love it. Also very handsome in Macassar Ebony Wood.
Below is a Lucite trunk that  is both modern and great nod to vintage. This will show off your ecclectic style whether your furnishings are traditonal or modern…







Cannot ignore my big box stores like Resto Hardware. I’m sure you haven’t missed their mix of traditional English tufted furniture alongside rustic modern…Their new catalogue for better or worse is the size of a coffee table book. Our poor mailman…

Another version of this table offered by my friends at Mecox has a beautiful parquet top that I love…Still clean with a more detailed and refined top.

Thank you Charlie Fradin Furnishings for his “to the trade”  designs. This original design works for traditionally furnished homes. The antique gold trim and black finish can pull together a myriad of fabrics and colors when it all comes together with a  classic black top.

Happy Shopping…Inquire with designer for further inspiration, any sizes, prices or purchasing information.


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