Kyle Bunting – Hero of the Hide

Kyle Bunting Hide Rugs have been a favorite fascination to the design trade for the last year or two, but the current collection from neutrals to eye popping candy colors and designs are too fun not to share. This weeks designer’s showcase house, Maison de Luxe at Greystone Mansion featured some outrageous and inventive designs. Since I’m not allowed to post those pics and annoy my favorite people at Luxe Magazine, I’ll share some great hide rugs from the Kyle Bunting Hide Rug Collection.

Kyle Bunting single handedly dragged the hide rug into the contemporary realm. Continuing his inspration into art, furniture and wallcoverings… take a peak inside the American made, Austin studio of Kyle Bunting

Beginning with a simple cream geometric… Imagine how soft this natural hide, durable product feels to the touch and under foot…

Contemporary Hide Rugs

Contemporary Hide Rugs

 OK, I promised eye popping color…

Kyle Bunting Custom Hide Rug

Kyle Bunting Hide Rugs

Truly revolutionary, Mr Bunting, who himself was inspired by his own Father’s earlier work with traditional hides was inspired one evening and voila an innovative & modern rug company was born in Austin, Texas.

Love this same Ripcord pattern in Orange… feels like greek key to me…

Kyle Bunting Contemporary Hide Rug

Checkout this gorgeous wall installation… Hello, Aspen…

Kyle Bunting Contemporary Hide Wall Covering


Lest we not forget some fun “art” furniture covered in hide as well… Kyle Bunting Art Chairs…

Kyle Bunting Hide Art Chairs

and M&M colored hide ottomans, as spotted on Gilt City some time back…

Kyle Bunting Hide Ottoman

Kyle Bunting Hide Ottoman

Love you Kyle Bunting, keep up the amazing work… I look forward to custom designing  a piece with you very soon. xo

If you want to see more delicious rugs from Kyle Bunting, check out the fun pieces throughout Maison de Luxe while the show continues at Greystone Mansion or call your favorite designer.

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