When Jewelry Is Not Enough, Designer Gemstone Furnishings

I can’t help but notice the preponderance of fine gemstone furnishings from gemstone lamps & sconces to side tables and accessories. Gemstones have always held the allure of magical powers. Created from Earth’s inner core, gemstones have an energy field of their own. Influenced by geometrical form, color and subtle vibration. Designer showrooms are cropping up with signature, one-of-a-kind tables made from amethyst, crystalline and all variety of gemstone furnishings.

One guarantee is, no one will have one just like you. As all stones are inherently unique.  Who couldn’t use the healing zen qualities these natural beauties have to offer. The Miles lamp from Jan Showers is as regal is as it is natural.

A magical and symbiotic connection has always existed between human beings and gems. Petrified Stone Table above, Gavin Table, Matthew Studios.


This beautiful sconce from Matthew Studios is Crystalline and sure to dazzle.

Agate Nested Side Tables From Brenda Houston are selling off the floor at Holly Hunt, Los Angeles.



Evidence of gemstones used for healing has been found as far back as the 4th Millenium. Why not embellish a clean, modern interior with them?

Gemstones can be used for particular health needs, or to create harmonious vibrations and help with positive intentions for protection, prosperity, passion, recovery, clarity, love, good health peace and other blessings.





Brenda Houston Alexandra Above.

Dramatic Amethyst Robert Lamp Below from Mathews Studio. Brenda Houston’ Sonya and Kent Lamps below. Love the black shades.

















Gemstone Furnishings, when you want to add that healing power to your home add the healing power of crystal with a gemstone lamp.

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