Sexy Outdoor Lighting… Cordless Lamps

Here is how to create a sexy outdoor lounge without electricity with Linda Allen’s collection of battery operated outdoor lighting.

Meet Seraphina… pictured above and available in metals from Silver Moss to Chrome.

Welcome Persia pictured above available in Ivory, Khaki, Mink, Summer Green & Blue.

So, you’ve visited the hot hotel bars with sexy outdoor lounges…

Then, you went home and combed the magazines and recognized that you too can recreate a great outdoor room for your own home….

Finally, you set out to light your space just like the magazine pictured and well… it seemed like a DIY project you could tackle yourself, but alas you need electricity outside and you either need an electrician or miles of extension cords. Now you’re fearful your guests will trip on the cords and potentially bring harm to themselves or your fabulous space!

Precious plans foiled again…. Enter Linda Allen’s Collection of outdoor lamps that require NO electrical, Weather resistant with a rechargeable battery.

Allen actually had to invent the technology to allow the Live.Anywhere lamps to function as stand-alone lights. She redesigned the LED bulb to 7 watts, which emulates the power of a 50-watt bulb. This terrific collection of designer lamps are also rechargeable and waterproof and can reside indoors or outdoors.

Thank you designer Linda Allen… Clever, Stylish & Practical.

Eleanora pictured above… 

Hello, Corra pictured above…Meet my new friend Ava, below.

Here are all the great applications for these beauties…

  • Indoor & Outdoor companion table lamps, events and dinner parties.
  • Unexpected or remote places without electrical outlet availability.
  • Can be placed safely near pools
  • Residential and Commercial Bathrooms
  •  Yacht and Aviation Interiors

They can go anywhere you imagine…. And I am loving these gems.

Added bonus: They are energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

Inquire within, as it’s sold strictly to-the-trade for now….

I’m guessing it may not be long before the concept and knock off”s find their way to the big box retailers but you’ll have to wait if you’re not willing to pony up to the designer price tag.




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