Toss that Pillow, Update A Room With An Ikat Fabric…


Ikat Print Fabrics are not only great looking but a terrific way to update a room with just one toss of a pillow. OK, like most designers who see a fad coming miles away,  you try to avoid them. However, there are times that trend just seems to grow and actually get better with time. They gnaw at you like an itch that must be scratched.  Enter the Ikat print fabric.

Ikat fabrics started showing up again on pillows and fabrics sometime back. Now available in every color from neutrals and browns to shocking pink, one small pillow goes a long way. Now that Ikat has hit the fashion runways too, it’s positively inescapable….Here are some roomscapes and ideas for those that want a pillow and those that need a whole lot more…

I love the mix of the neutral versions and the brights as seen in this West Elm Ottoman.

Or this vintage pillow found at JF Chen Los Angeles.







Crisp and clean Transitional Interiors can benefit from these wonderful prints to add a collected feel to an otherwise simple interior as seen here in these photos from Muse Interiors. This particular print and color has been here in my studio for nearly six months.

Love these pillows and chair prints…also by Muse…

A wonderful tradional project of my own, will be featured in the upcoming Fall issue of Luxe Magazine, October 2011. The Ikat pillows I used in my clients Master Bedroom, combine the gray tones and burst of blue we thirsted for…Here’s a sneak peak…



Madeline Weinrib has a wonderful collection. Here’s a few of hers…



And a few more available from Calypso Home Collection

Here’s an Ikat print fabric on fashion designer and friend, Viereck’s Maxi Dress. Don’t miss my friend Deborah Viereck’s amazing collection at  Deborah and I love to share ideas and find it a fun surprise when we are on the same page, literally and figuratively.


Below’ Trink Turk has been featurning Ikat inspired looks through most of her collection and continues from 2o11 to 2012.

If you find these Ikat Fabrics inspiring. Bring home a pillow from any fun store you happen into from West Elm to JF Chen to Calypso Home. High End and Major Box Retailers are showing this in many forms and may add just the reason to Toss that old pillow and bring in some fresh energy. Even if your on a budget, toss that old pillow and update a room with an Ikat Fabric.

PS. West Elm is taking over the former Blue Print Space on Beverly in WEHO so local LA residents can see some fun and reasonably priced product up close and personal.



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