Nautical Inspirations

My friend Patricia at Wag Magazine on the East Coast and I were conspiring on her upcoming post on Nautical Design and I thought with summer and some of my friends and clients prepping for their cottages here are some fresh ideas on an irresistable and therefore classic and recurrant theme that will separate your cottage from the catalogues.

We started with a rope idea. This designer, Christian Atugueveille has a “to the trade” line that features everything from stools to lamps to dressers all with rope finishes that are exquisite.

Also, see inspired art that you will not find in the catalogue or the mall…

Striped Rugs from Dash & Albert, Dhurrie style all colors and flavors…

And did I mention their hosable & bleachable so they always stay clean? Put one of their nearly indestructible indoor/outdoor rugs to the test today.

The trunk concept seems to be making a comeback. How about one in lucite to add a contemporary spin…

Have fun and good tidings…Of course contact this designer for any further inspiration &/or for any purchasing information.




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