Lit From Within

Finally a lighting collection that emits light from the inside out. This crystal base has the bulb in the base creating a glow of light that shows off its gorgeous base as well as shade. They’re so glam and timeless in the same piece. There are sconces as well. Here are a few others from the glorious new collection from Best & Lloyd England, currently on display at George Smith, here in L.A. Glamorous and elegant room jewels.

Additional pieces from the collection that long, elegant and dramatic are the Felix Sconces in Bronzed Brass.

Not to be forgotten is the Olympia Socnces with a Left and a Right, Glass and Nickel Sconces. Have a peak at these English beauties and others at my favorite English showroom, George Smith.

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2 Responses to Lit From Within

  1. Ken Davis says:

    Keep up the Good Work. Great lights. Show me more.

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